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APA 7th Edition Referencing Guide1

A Wintec Library guide to referencing in APA 7th edition style

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Referencing a single song/track

When referencing a single song/track, use the songwriter as the author and include the name of the group that recorded the song in [square brackets] after the title. For example.

Songwriter, A. (Date). Title of song in sentence case [Song recorded by]. On Title of album in italic sentence case. Name of music publisher/record label/studio.

Andrews, F. (2009). The house she lived in [Song recorded by The Veils]. On Sun Gangs. Rough Trade. 


Reference list entry

Andrews, F. (2009). The house she lived in. [Song recorded by The Veils]. On Sun Gangs. Rough Trade.

In-text citations

Track numbers are optional when paraphrasing information.

Andrews (2009) demonstrates ... (track 7).

... (Andrews, 2009, track 7).

Referencing an album

When referencing an album of recorded music, use the recording artist or group as the author. For example:

Recording Artist or Group. (Date). Title of album in italic sentence case [Album]. Name of music publisher/record label/studio.

The White Stripes. (2001). De stijl [Album]. Sympathy for the Record Industry. 


Reference list entry

The White Stripes. (2001). De stijl [Album]. Sympathy for the Record Industry.

In-text citations

The White Stripes' (2001) album typifies ... 

... (The White Stripes, 2001).

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