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Research Skills

Information to help students find, evaluate, reference, and write for their assignments


Essays are one of the most common types of assignment you’ll be asked to produce at Wintec. There are many kinds of essays, but they usually involve constructing an argument about a particular subject, comparing related ideas and supporting your perspective on the topic with evidence from secondary sources.

Essays typically have an introduction, a series of body paragraphs exploring the subject, and a conclusion in which your position on the subject is made clear.

How to write an essay

The following are guides to show you where to begin with writing your essay, how to plan it and structure it, as well as what a well-crafted essay looks like:

Wintec Learner Success Toolkit

The Wintec Learner Success Toolkit has instructions on how to plan and write an essay. 

 Make an appointment with an academic writing expert at Manaaki PÅ«kenga to help you write your essay. 

Auckland University of Technology

AUT has video tutorials on essay writing as well as sample essays.

Massey University

Massey University has instructions on how to write the different parts of an essay as well as annotated sample essays.

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