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Research Skills

Information to help students find, evaluate, reference, and write for their assignments

What are databases?

A database allows you to search for material in journal​s, magazines, ebooks and other online resources. Results can include just the abstract (summary) of the material; or the complete article, book, video, etc.

The resources in the Wintec databases are reliable because they have been curated for academic users (students, tutors and professionals).

 To search the majority of our databases all at once, use OneSearch.

 For instruction on how to use OneSearch do our interactive tutorial.

Wintec has over 70 databases, each containing thousands of resources. Our databases cover all our areas of study; some are general and some are subject specific.

You will find a description of each database via the 'A-Z database list' button below, and a collection of how-to-use videos via the 'Database video tutorials' button.

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