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Research Skills

Information to help students find, evaluate, reference, and write for their assignments

Finding Quality Sources

There are lots of different types of sources you can potentially use for your research. The key is knowing where to locate the good ones!

This section will help you navigate the places where you find quality sources.

A great place to start is the section Critical evaluation of sources which defines what an academic source is and how to identify reliable information.

Where do I start?

With so many options it can be difficult to know where to start.

Analysing your assignment question carefully will allow you to identify the types of resources you need to use to complete your assignment, and where you might find them.

Make sure you know what the assignment requirements are.

Does the information need to be:

 Current or historical?

 Academic/peer-reviewed research?

 New Zealand based?

 From a range of sources?

 Legal documents or Standards?

 Primary or secondary research?

Theories or opinion?

Knowing the type of source you need will point you in the direction of where to search. Visit each of these pages to familiarise yourself with what each is and what it does:

 Using OneSearch

 Using the Catalogue

 Using databases

 Searching online

 Using articles

 Using eBooks

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