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APA 7th Edition Referencing Guide1

A Wintec Library guide to referencing in APA 7th edition style

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Free and royalty-free images

Images such as photographs and drawings are typically protected by copyright. If you want to use an image you did not create, you will need to seek the permission of the image creator or copyright holder and agree to their terms of use.

A common agreement is a 'royalty-free' image licence. This does not necessarily mean there is no cost for the licence to use the image, but means that the image can be used without paying additional royalties (basically a payment each time the image is reused) to the copyright holder.

Other images are in the 'public domain' and not protected by copyright, and are therefore free to use (though crediting the image creator where possible is encouraged). Others might be subject to Creative Commons licences and require attribution, or be subject to other restrictions. Make sure you check carefully to ensure you don't infringe copyright.

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Where to find free and royalty-free images

Referencing a copy-safe image for a written assignment

When using images in written assignments, you need to provide a figure number and title above the image, as well as an in-text citation for the image caption and a full reference in your reference list.

Example - body of assignment

Figure 5

Students Studying in a Group

(Wayhomestudio, n.d.)

Examples - reference list entry

Image creator with a full name

Surname, S. (Year, Month day). Title of image in italic sentence case [Format]. Name of Website. URL

Suarez, K. (2020). Black and white computer keyboard [Photograph]. 


Image creator with a user name or a corporate author


Because the image caption contains the information an in-text citation would normally have, you can simply refer to the relevant figure in the body of your assignment (as below).


In-text citations
Figure 5 demonstrates the collaborative nature of group study...
...the collaborative nature of group study (Figure 5).
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